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How Do i Know If I Have Identified with Christ?. See Here


We are dealing with the almost unknown fact of our identification with Christ.

At once you ask, “What does identification mean?”

It means our complete union with Him in his substitutionary Sacrifice.

For instance, this term is used: “I have been crucified with Christ.”This is our identification

with Christ in his crucifixion.

I died with Christ

I was buried with Christ.

I suffered with Christ.

I was made alive with Christ.

Now I am seated with Him.

This little preposition ‘’with’’ is the key that has unlocked a long-hidden truth that is of vital

importance to us.

The first two or three chapters of this book will lead you into the ante-chamber of God’s

greatest Revelation connected with the New Creation.




The teaching of Identification is the legal side of our Redemption.

It unveils to us what God did in Christ for us, from the time He went to the Cross until He

sat down at the right hand of the Father.

The vital side of Redemption is what the Holy Spirit, through the Word is doing in us now.

Several times Paul uses the preposition “with” in connection with His substitutionary


Gal 2:20 “I have been crucified WITH Christ”.

Then he tells us that “he died WITH Christ” that he was “buried with Christ”.

This gives us the key that unlocks the great teachings of Identification.

Christ became one with us in sin that we might become one with Him in Righteousness.

He became as we were, to the end that we might be as He is now.

He became one with us in death, that we might be one with Him in life.

There is a two-fold oneness: first His oneness with our sin on the Cross; second our oneness

with Him in His glory on the throne.

Eph 2:6 “And raised us up with Him and made us to sit with Him in heavenly places in

Christ Jesus.”

He became as we were, so that we might become as He is.

He died to make us live.

He was made sin to make us Righteous.

He became weak to make us strong.

He suffered shame to give us glory.

He went to hell in order to take us to Heaven.

He was condemned in order to justify us.

He was made sick in order that healing might be ours.

He was cast out from the presence of God in order to make us welcome there.

In the fact of Identification we have one of the richest phases of Redemption.



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