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Daily Tea: Process



In accomplishing any feat, process is most Paramount.

What is process?

A process, according to the English dictionary, is a series of action taken towards achieving a particular goal.

The definition says SERIES which means it involves things/activities done step by step, one after the other and one after the other means you’re not permitted to jump any step.

How Does Going Through A Process Help Your Vision?

  1. Organization is key in trying to achieve a goal and going through process ensures your being organized because process is a “one after the other” thing
  2. Process prepares you. Any man that pops out of no where claiming to have achieved a feat without going through any process of becoming will not last. After process comes trial. It comes to carry out a litmus test whether the person is ready of not.
  3. Process makes you bold and gives clarity. Since process takes time as it is a “one after the other” thing, you gain boldness along the way and you get to be sure if you’re really interested in the goal you’re pursuing because the longer you stay in the process, the more the vision becomes clearer.
  4. Process makes people believe in you. Haven’t you ever wondered how Jesus Christ was able to convince his disciples to follow him? Especially Simon Peter and Andrew with just the words “follow me and I will make you fishers of men” Simon Peter and Andrew hadn’t seen him before yet they agreed to leave the job they’ve been doing all their life to follow a “stranger” (Mat. 4). How was He, Jesus Christ, able to convince them? He went through a process!!!  A process enriches you with a sort of confidence that is seen and easily believed in. It magnetizes people to you.

What are you looking towards achieving?   Don’t leave out the process for it’ll set you up and establish you.

Jesus went through the process of;

  1. Knowing it was His time.
  2. Making up His mind to go and be baptized.
  3. Getting baptized.
  4. Praying and fasting in the wilderness.
  5. Resisting temptation from the devil.
  6. Setting out.

If Jesus went through a process, who are we not to?

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