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IGARA New Artist: Daniel Evans – God Is Your Protector


Available for interviews.
Manager: Daniel Evans

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Daniel Evans

Daniel Evans is a Christian Rapper who accepted the Lord in his heart when he was 7 years old. Daniel always liked rap so, at 10 years of age, he decided to write Christian Rap music. His desire was for people to know the Lord. Daniel’s single “Tight Christ Lyrics” was spun in heavy rotation on Stellar nominated radio station New Praise Radio. “Tight Christ Lyrics” placed #9 in the on New Praise Radio Top 10 ranking.

Hope for The World is a phenomenal success. The beat is passionate and the lyrics are far reaching and true. This song is not just heard by the ears , but the Human Soul. Hope For The world reached the top spot #1 on The New Praise Radio charts. This ranking was against the top rappers in The CCM Genre.

Daniel Evans says he is dropping the lyrics for you to understand and to get to know Christ. Daniel says, “I have a talent and I’m using it for The Lord.”

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