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Daily Tea: Process

  Process In accomplishing any feat, process is most Paramount. What is process? A process, according to the English dictionary, is a series of action taken towards achieving a particular goal. The definition says SERIES which means it involves things/activities done step by step, one after the other and one …

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Daily Tea: 100 Benefits Of Speaking In Tongues

100 Benefits Of Speaking In Tongues 1. Tongues is the entrance into the supernatural. 2. Tongues is the prayer in the New Testament. 3. Tongues is a direct line to talking to God. 4. Tongues is the believer’s direct access to the throne room. 5. Tongues is speaking divine mysteries …

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Daily Tea: The Conscience And The Holy Spirit

The Conscience And The Holy Spirit Our conscience has a connection with the Holy Spirit. How do you identify a man with the Holy Spirit? it is by his conscience. The conscience tells us or fights us when we do wrong things and also pushes us to repentance, this shows …

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HOW TO OPERATE IN THE SUPERNATURAL EZEKIEL 37: 1-10; MATTHEW 14: 22-33; GENESIS 1:2-3 When all you are counting on in the natural has failed you, what do you do? When there is doom and gloom, what do you do? In the midst of storms and turmoil, what do you …

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THE FAVOUR OF GOD Psalm 102: 13 When we declare the season of favor, it does not mean that God’s favor comes seasonally. The death and resurrection of Jesus opened up unto us a season of favor. By His death, the curse of sin was destroyed and through His Resurrection, …

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