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#TrueGist: GodSquad – IGARA New Artist

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Manager: Alisha Currie
(314) 708-0941

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Keith Webb aka Kardiac > As a child, I thought as a child & did childish things. Those childish things caused me to get in trouble often at school. I was headed no where fast, until a teacher of mine encouraged me to write down my frustrations. I reluctantly took his advice, thinking that nothing beneficial would come from it. I was completely wrong. I began writing just for the sake of writing. It gave me something else to focus on besides the personal problems I had. Eventually a close friend of mine started making beats & asked me to make a rap for one of them. I agreed & then immediately fell in love with the art of rapping. We formed a group called ‘royalty’ & shared our music to our high school classmates however we could. As we got older, my friends passion for rapping went away, but mine stayed. I rapped solo for a couple years, but unfortunately never had any success. I started to lean on various drugs in order to cope with my lack of success. I became addicted, until one day my sister (Grace) invited me to witness my niece get baptized. I went thinking that I would only see my niece gt baptized & that only, I was wrong. An entire church service took place before the actual baptismal. Little did I know that the message being preached would cause me to give my life to Jesus that evening. I left church that evening feeling the same, I even went home to partake in my drug activities.

That same evening I had a dream of the Lord kissing me & telling me that everything would be OK. That dream scared me a lot. I decided form that point on not to play with Jesus ever again. I started attending church every Sunday & Tuesday, and truly dedicated my life to Jesus. Changing my style of rapping was more challenging then I thought it would be, but after constant sincere prayers to God it all became easy again. At church is where I met Skool & The Messenger. I found out that they both shared the same passion for music as Grace & I. With all the members being in place, we simply needed a name. Shortly after, God Squad was born. Soldiers dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, through music. Marlowe Currie aka The Messenger I come by way of Saint Louis Missouri. I’m apart of the Christian rap group, known as God Squad. I started rapping for the Lord a few years ago. Christ has brought me through my storm to save souls through music.

My motivation is very simple, it’s God!! > >Anthony Harrison aka Skool. First I want to thank and praise God who is definitely the head of my life. Without Him nothing is possible. I pray that he continues to bless me, my family ,and friends. I first started rapping at the age of 10. I was inspired by my dad and his friends who used to have rap sessions in the basement of our house. I began to write raps like Nursery Rhymes and used to spit it to them and they used to laugh at me. At first I wanted to quit but the passion i had for rap couldn’t quit. I began to get better and better heavily influenced by my neighborhood and the surroundings of my life. I rapped worldly for years until God changed the whole vision in my life and my train of thought. When I first got saved, the passion that I had for rap completely left me. I didn’t write a rhyme for 2 years until I met one of the members of God squad, Grace. We had great chemistry along with her brother Kardiac. My mission to minister through the music had definitely began. With me, The Messenger, Kardiac, and Grace all doing the same thing in church to minister through music, it was all God’s plan to create the group God Squad.

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